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What is TRAIN?
image The TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network, or TRAIN, is the nation’s premier learning resource for professionals who protect the public’s health. TRAIN is comprised of the national site and participating TRAIN affiliate sites. Affiliate sites are managed by many state public health agencies, academic partners, and others. As TRAIN grows, it serves a larger portion of the U.S. public health workforce.

Because all TRAIN sites are connected, TRAIN users can access information about state, local, national, or international training available to them through any participating TRAIN site.

Learners can use TRAIN to:

  • Search or browse the nationwide database for on-site or distance learning courses
  • Sign up for e-mails about new courses
  • Create a personal learning record of competency-based training
  • Provide and view feedback about courses listed on the site
  • Register online for many courses
  • Earn CEUs (often at no cost)

Course Providers can use TRAIN to:

  • Efficiently publicize courses to thousands of TRAIN users through multiple web sites – enter course information once (not dozens of times) and it is automatically visible to all participating TRAIN sites
  • Manage online registration and student rosters
  • Collect feedback from learners online
  • Post course materials and discussion topics

TRAIN is a project of the Public Health Foundation with a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and funding from participating states and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Why should I register as a user?
Registration gives users access to a more comprehensive learning experience, including:

  • Access to course information and announcements available exclusively to people in your geographic area or job category
  • Quick online registration for many courses
  • An online transcript to track your learning and credits
  • The ability to save course search criteria for future use
  • Optional e-mail notices of new courses in topics of interest
  • Access to valuable documents, course certificates, and message board features

Although registration is not mandatory to search TRAIN, visitors cannot access certain information and features.

Register for a user account.

How to use this site

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How do I register as a course provider?
If your organization offers learning opportunities that meet our listing requirements , we encourage you to register to list your courses on the appropriate TRAIN site (see below).

If you are not already registered as a TRAIN user, begin at the homepage and click to register under “Become a Course Provider” and follow the instructions to create an account. If you are registered as a TRAIN user, you need to log on to TRAIN using your Login Name and password, then click the “My Account” link on the lower right side of the page. At the bottom of the “Details” page, click on the “Request to Become a Course Provider” link and answer the following questions. Submit your request and you will receive a notice of approval/disapproval via email, usually within three to five business days. Following approval, you can submit course listings and take advantage of TRAIN’s many course management features.

Choosing the appropriate TRAIN site for your course listings:
Course providers should list their courses on TRAIN through only one TRAIN site. Each course provider must choose to use either the national site ( or one of the TRAIN affiliate sites based on the guidance below and as specified in our policies. The site selected does not affect the visibility of courses to users throughout TRAIN - it affects the site administrator that manages your registration and course listings.

Course Listing Requirements
The following are the minimum course listing requirements for TRAIN.

  1. Courses must be designed for the continuing education and training of professionals who protect the public's health and consistent with the target audiences in the TRAIN course search fields. Consumer-oriented health education classes and materials are not permitted.
  2. Courses must be designed to build knowledge, skills, or competencies in one or more of the subject areas listed in the TRAIN course search fields.
  3. Course materials must be designed for instructional (not reference) use by learners or trainers. Courses must be delivered in formats consistent with the formats in the TRAIN course search fields. Books, brochures, articles, palm cards, and other reference materials are not permitted unless continuing education credits are associated or the materials are designed as a self-study program.
Individual TRAIN affiliates are responsible for assuring that courses meet these minimum requirements. PHF will periodically review courses to ensure all affiliates approve courses consistent with these minimum requirements. Affiliates may apply additional organization-specific standards to decide whether a course may be approved or viewed on their site.

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What geographic area is primarily served*
by the course provider?

Appropriate TRAIN Site 

A TRAIN affiliate state or communities within this affiliate’s jurisdiction

The corresponding TRAIN affiliate site

A national, international, or regional (multi-state) audience

The national site

States and communities that are not within any TRAIN affiliate’s jurisdiction

Ineligible for registration and course listing on any TRAIN site

* “Primarily served” means that most of the course provider’s public health courses are designed for and (as applicable) restricted to the workforce of the jurisdiction listed.

To get the most from TRAIN, first review the Course Provider Reference Guide and other important items on the TRAIN References – Course Providers document board. It is necessary to first log into TRAIN in order to view these resources.

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Partners and Sponsors
image image Funding Partners
image Sponsors of
image Technology Partner

Funding Partners

Funding support for or TRAIN has been provided by:

Arkansas Department of Health (Founding Partner)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (Founding Partner)

Public Health Foundation

Participating TRAIN affiliates

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Sponsors of

American College of Preventive Medicine

American Public Health Association

Association of Public Health Laboratories

Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Association for Prevention Teaching and Research

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Center for Health Leadership and Practice

National Association of County and City Health Officials

National Association of Local Boards of Health

National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems

National Public Health Leadership Development Network

National Library of Medicine

National Network of Libraries of Medicine

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Office of Minority Health

Partnership for Prevention

Public Health Leadership Society

CDC Learning Connection

Society for Public Health Education


Technology Partner

Knowledge Management Interactive (KMi), Inc.
TRAIN design, development and hosting provided by KMi of Columbus, Ohio.  This site is an implementation of KMi's eLMS (eLearning Management System), built on the Microsoft .NET platform.

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Participating TRAIN Affiliates

TRAIN affiliates serve professionals who protect the public’s health in the following participating states and organizations:

TRAIN Affiliate Affiliate Name
Arizona Arizona Public Health Training Center, Arizona Department of Health Services, and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
Arkansas Arkansas Department of Health
CDC CDC Learning Connection
Colorado Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Connecticut Connecticut Department of Public Health
Delaware Delaware Division of Public Health
Florida Florida Department of Health
Hawaii Hawaii State Department of Health
Idaho Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Illinois Illinois Department of Public Health
Indiana Indiana State Department of Health
Kansas Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Kentucky Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services, Department of Public Health
Michigan Michigan Department of Community Health, Office of Public Health Preparedness
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Health
MRC Medical Reserve Corps
New Mexico New Mexico Department of Health
Ohio Ohio Department of Health
Oklahoma Oklahoma State Department of Health
Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Health
Texas Texas Department of State Health Services
Utah State of Utah TRAIN
VHA Veterans Health Administration
Virginia Virginia Department of Health
Washington Washington State Military Department
West Virginia West Virginia Bureau for Public Health
Wisconsin Wisconsin Division of Public Health
Wyoming Wyoming Department of Health

Please visit our TRAIN map. If your organization is interested in joining the TRAIN network, please fill out the TRAIN Inquiry Form.

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I. General Policies and Liability Terms
II. Confidentiality Statement
III. Learner Rights and Responsibilities
IV. Course Provider Rights and Responsibilities
V. Definitions

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Minimum System Requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 6

Recommended System Specifications:

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Microsoft Office or compatible applications (Office 2000 or later recommended).

Users running other Browsers could potentially experience problems when using TRAIN or courses posted within TRAIN. Run the Environment Checker for additional troubleshooting (See: Help/Test Your Environment).

Recommended Software:

  • Adobe Reader

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